Attorney Investigation Services

Our Investigators offer a verity of attorney investigation services to help attorneys and law firms located within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our case investigations include searching for evidence and discovering evidence that was not previously considered. We document witness interviews and collect evidence and preserve and protect the evidence to present the best evidence any court trial.


Beach Investigations professional private investigators have been conducting a full range of attorney investigation services for members of the bar across the State of Virginia for over 27 years. Having a certified professional investigator conducting attorney investigation services in insurance fraud cases, personal injury cases, and interviewing witnesses for criminal cases is an asset your firm cannot do without. The best private investigators in Virginia Beach are here to serve you, at Beach Investigations.



Attorney Investigation Services:


Our investigators work for attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals. We do the research and legwork for you. We conduct interviews, locate witnesses and clients that have relocated, take sworn statements, photograph accident scenes and injuries. We also conduct process service for specializing in matters where a subject is avoiding service.


Trial preparation research is a complete approach to investigating any case and helping an attorney prepare for trial. It will include a variety of attorney services such as evidence gathering, evidence analysis, preparing witness testimony, creating investigative reports, and performing several other investigative services that would cater to your firm’s needs.


We will use a verity of techniques in order to identify, locate, and track down any witness or defendant when investigating your case. Witness interviews are one of the most important attorney services we offer as they provide key evidence and can offer new insight to a case. Our private investigator can collect written, audio, or video statements as part of any accident investigation or other investigative attorney service. These witness statements may discover new evidence and can be used as evidence during trial.


Our accident investigations include photo and video documentation. We can return to the scene, where any accident or injury occurred, in order to reconstruct the accident as it happened. During this process, we will especially consider terrain and witness statements as part of this investigation. Our private investigator will then develop an investigative report showing the facts and any new findings that the investigation revealed.


As part of our attorney investigative services, our private investigator can conduct covert surveillance in order to collect video evidence and documentation that can be used when building the defense for any case.


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