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Crime Scene Documentation is crucial but often overlooked in personal injury cases.  Our team of professionals realize the importance of this step and move quickly to preserve evidence before it disappears.


Our investigation and crime scene documentation will provide a time capsule of information that may be useful in establishing a third party responsibility or information that was not disclosed by the injured parties. This information can be passed to equipment experts, medical professionals, and adjusters.  Crime scene documentation evidence often speaks for itself and is valuable in personal injury cases.


Where the accident event happened often is just as important as what happened.  This is true for civil cases as it is for criminal cases.  In personal injury cases, our investigators are trained to take photographs from all angles.  We will document the scene with video and digital photos.  We also pay close attention to the shrubbery and tree growth as it relates to the visibility of signs and other traffic.  We document the weather as reported from local weather services.  We make observations of the traffic signs to insure they are properly displayed according to state and local codes.  These types of observations can not be measured or observed without locating the scene of the accident and responding out to investigate.


Private investigators can do a great job of locating witnesses and interviewing witnesses in Hampton Roads.  The attorneys that hire Beach Investigations have all of the facts to provide their client with the best case to be presented for court.  Sometimes the information provided by private investigators can help provide enough weight to have the case settled without going to court.  This saves time and money for the clients and attorneys involved in personal injury cases.  With our private investigators and the training and experience they have acquired over years of working motor vehicle accidents you and your clients will receive the best investigative skills available.   Some of the tools we use in investigating motor vehicle accidents include: tape recorders, digital cameras, HD video cameras, markers and cones, and measuring instruments.  We will provide photographs, videotape and witness statements.  We safe guard these types of evidence and store and preserve all evidence using documented policies and procedures.


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