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Vehicle crashes occur every day and insurance companies would like to settle quickly at the lowest rate possible. Beach Investigations has an excellent working relationship with some of the largest attorney firms in Virginia. Do not let the insurance companies drag their feet when it comes to your settlement and repair of your vehicle. Contact the best investigators in Virginia Beach and let our expert detectives help you!


At Beach Investigations, we provide a service unique to lawyers practicing in personal injury cases. How many times have you had a client call your firm, asking advice and inquiring about personal injury representation? Our investigators can provide a personal service for your firm no matter how large or small. We can be on-call 24/7 to respond to a client involved in a motor vehicle crash. We will provide the client with a contract from your firm to sign with the intent to represent for the PI case. Our expert private investigators can also provide photos of the client’s vehicle, collect evidence, record a statement from witnesses and set up a meeting with the client in your office. Just think of the time and money saved in the loss of potential clients signing with another firm!


Beach Investigations does not just investigate automobile accidents. We also investigate boating and marine accidents! In addition, our firm can examine employee-involved motor vehicle crashes that occur while on the job for your company, in your best interest. No matter what type of vehicle accident, our firm can determine what exactly occurred when an employee was injured on the job for workers compensation issues. Protect your rights and have our team of investigators analyze all of your employee related accidents Your company’s insurance carrier should also have quality-control checks and provide a non-biased report. Some of these accidents may have occurred on private property, which will not require a police report. With such accidents, an investigator is necessary to validate claims with your insurance carrier and reduce civil lawsuits. Beach Investigations can be a critical resource for your company.


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Beach Investigations has excellent working relationships with some of the largest attorney firms in Virginia.

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