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Do you need a witness located or interviewed? Beach Investigations understands the need for witness location and statement gathering in various types of cases. With years of experience with civil and criminal proceedings, our licensed professional investigators are able to quickly and effectively locate and obtain the information you or your firm require.


The court system typically places more credibility on eye-witness and expert witness testimonies. While documents, pictures, and video recordings can provide some perspectives into the facts of a case, there is nothing more incriminating or exonerating than the testimony of someone who was there at the time an incident took place.


Eye-witness testimonies are used by prosecution and defense attorneys for their respective purposes as well as other attornies, businesses, educational facilities. However, witnesses are not legally compelled to testify unless they are forcibly subpoenaed by the court. In such instances, a private investigator may have strategies and information that can help locate a witness and compel them to share what they know about the case.


There is truly an immeasurable importance to conducting and obtaining witness interviews. Witness interviews can be a very valuable resource during any type of litigation matter. With our years of experience in speaking with a multitude of individuals, we are able to determine the extent of a person’s knowledge and whether or not that knowledge may be helpful, or harmful, in establishing proof of a particular situation.


Upon locating a witness, our investigative professionals are able to extract pertinent and relevant information you need. Utilizing various techniques, learned through decades of experience, we are able to confirm or deny statements issued and/or evidence obtained over the course of an investigation.


Beach Investigations specializes in witness location and are committed to providing our clients with the most up-to-date contact information available. No matter how much a person tries to evade being located, we know how to find that individual’s hidden trail. Everyday activities and transactions create a series of digital footprints that we are able to track. Our access to databases unavailable to the public enables us to locate and follow the individual’s trail, and the data we develop is verified through surveillance, interviews and other investigative techniques.


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