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Witness statements and affidavits establish a record of events. Collecting statements quickly and thoroughly are the difference in the success of most cases. Statements and affidavits are crucial in personal injury investigations and are essential in court proceedings.


Attorneys provide a great service representing you in court. No matter if the case is a misdemeanor assault or as serious as a murder. You cannot afford not to have all witnesses present during the trial to support your side of the story. The experience that the investigators have with Beach Investigations would be a great asset to your case. Our Investigators can locate and interview witnesses and provide a written statement of that interview for you and your attorney. Some witnesses are reluctant to speak to the police but when one of our licensed Investigators contacts the witnesses they provide the needed evidence testimony you need to be a winner in court. Do not allow yourself be a victim in court. Call Beach Investigations to assist you from an unjust jail sentence.


Our trained and experienced investigators will be able to secure detailed and thorough statements from the injured party and any and all other witnesses. Our investigators can obtain statements and provide reports, hand written statements, signed, and notarized affidavits along with audio recordings and video documentation, if needed.


A witness statement provides lawyers with a tool that most attorneys do not have. Prosecutors have the advantage in a criminal case when a good investigator interviews all available witnesses. In some cases, the criminal investigator for the state is overburdened with other cases and other task and important witnesses are not located and interviewed. This is when a good private investigator can be a lawyer’s secret weapon.


PI’s assigned to Beach Investigations have the experience needed to locate witnesses for your client and may be able to provide alibi witnesses for the case. When the services of a private investigator are used before trial, trial time can be saved. This is the preferred route, instead of trying to read the witness on the stand and trying to discover what pertinent information the witness may have to help the case and the client. In some cases, our detectives have the witness write a statement of fact as they remember the facts in the case. This is best strategy in cases of personal injury or workers compensation.


All interviews are documented with an audio recording of the statement and a written report from the investigator. We provide this essential information to the attorney prior to the trial so as he/she can prepare a further defense in the case. Our PI’s also meet with the lawyers face-to-face prior to the court date to insure that all relevant information is provided for the client’s defense.


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