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Victims of elder abuse and neglect, in Virginia, are often frail or vulnerable seniors being cared for at a nursing facility or a private home by a relative or caregiver. The caregiver may be too frail or too overwhelmed to provide proper care. In the worst case, the caregiver may intentionally abuse or neglect the senior.  If you have concerns about the care of an elderly person, intervene at once – before the situation becomes more serious.


The term “elder neglect” refers to the failure of a person who has a duty or responsibility to provide basic care and necessities of life to an elderly person. The responsible person may be an adult child, other relative, caregiver, or anyone else who has agreed to provide services and necessities. Examples of necessities include food and water, shelter, clothing, medication, safety, personal care, and financial support.


When visiting with an elderly person, be alert for signs of neglect or abuse. Physical signs may include bed sores, poor hygiene, dehydration, or weight loss due to malnutrition. The facility or home may not have running water, heat, or proper wiring.  Living conditions may be unsanitary. Medical problems may go untreated, due to missed doctor appointments or unfilled or mishandled prescriptions. The senior may be left alone for long periods of time without food, water or assistance to the bathroom. The person may have unexplained bruises or broken bones. There may be legitimate causes for these types of injuries, but part of watching over your loved ones should include being sure.


The elder abuse investigators at Beach Investigations have the experience and resources to conduct open as well as undercover investigations into these types of cases. Our licensed professional investigators can assist with uncovering and documenting abuse and neglect by a private caregiver or a facility and their staff. Beach Investigations can provide covert equipment to capture these events for documented proof. When your loved ones safety is at stake, Beach Investigations will assist you in guaranteeing that the care that is provided to your loved ones is the best possible.


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