Equipment Rental Tracking

Equipment Rental Tracking Services in Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Yorktown, Richmond VA and more!

GPS Rental Tracking Device

  • – Keep your family and friends safe by having the ability to locate them any time.
  • – Great for child protection and location / destination accountability.
  • – Perfect as a theft deterrent recovery device. Small enough to be used for personal property or even vehicles such
      as motorcycles, boats and RV’s.
  • – Personal safety device, your family and friends can always locate you, if you want.
  • – Tracking system is also great for RV rentals, motorcycle rental, car
       rental, including specialty vehicle rentals, boat rental and heavy equipment rentals.

Tracking Device Rental

Beach Investigations uses a self-contained GPS tracker that has an ultra-sensitive internal antenna and features a motion detective sensor that extends the battery life for weeks of continuous tracking with a single charge. Our units are smart units that “sleep” when not in motion to save battery life. Reporting time and real-time updates can be adjusted from seconds, minutes, even hours. We use a “bread crumb” feature that allows us to map out the route of travel for any given date or time. The dashboard feature allows us to view real time activities when conducting moving surveillance.


We can provide the use of a GPS Tracker for your vehicle for as little as $25.00/day. Installation and monitoring is extra. The device is installed by our trained investigators, and we monitor the movements of the device for you. You will receive a report of the findings. This intelligence can be used for future surveillance to save you time and money.


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Worries about your company equipment or personal vehicle being stolen?

Beach Investigations provides the use of a GPS tracker for your vehicle to track where it has been and to help locate it if stolen.

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