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Secrets, both personal and professional, are overheard, stolen, sold and traded, and manipulated everyday by people with access. These everyday spies could be your employees, volunteers, spouses, and significant others. Actually, they can be anyone you comes in your contact. The high cost of information loss could mean between winning and losing, or financial success and bankruptcy.


Our professional staff is well-trained and experienced in protecting government, business and personal assets from threat. Our approach is simple and effective. We assist you in handling the threat as quickly and as effectively as possible.


Let Beach Investigations assist you in the development of safeguard protocols and training to counter this threat. Should a leak of information be suspected, our team investigates to determine the source, assess the damage, and provide mitigation measures to control the damage to both your reputation and finances. Do not be a victim of espionage and if you are, call the experts at Beach Investigations for help.


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Secrets both personal and professional are overheard, stolen, sold and traded everyday.

Beach Investigations is well trained in protecting government, business and personal assets from espionage.

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