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Most people considering hiring a private investigator (PI) have never done so, or may be making decisions while highly emotional. Regardless, consumers should give such a decision careful thought and thoroughly consider the circumstances before hiring an investigator. Prior to contacting a PI, the consumer should specifically identify what it is they want to know, what their expectations are, and how much money they can afford to spend.


Additionally, consumers may want to first check on the private investigator, or agency, using a consumer assistance group, such as the Better Business Bureau. Another way to gather information is researching reports on the internet, or examining other sources of business information. Bad reviews may not always mean that a company is necessarily “bad” because it has complaints registered with such sources. Sometimes the complaints are not justified. A consumer may also want to check with DCJS to determine if the PI, or agency, is properly licensed. In Virginia, any advertisement for a PI, or PI agency, must also contain their license number.


With offices in Virginia Beach and in Richmond, VA, Beach Investigations has on staff prior federal, state and local law enforcement investigators. Our private investigators are all certified licensed professional investigators. We adhere to the strict regulations of the Department of Criminal Justice Services Board and the Virginia State Codes. We are licensed and insured to provide you the best private investigations in the state of Virginia.


Private Investigator Services:


Once a private investigator, or PI, is selected, talk to the investigator, or their representative, and discuss the case. Include what you want to know, what your expectations are and how much you can afford, in total. The private investigator should readily provide options and inform you if your goals and finances are realistic for the case. If the PI cannot provide this information, you may want to look elsewhere.


Once you are in agreement with a private investigator, a written contract may be drawn up that specifically states what will be done, deadlines, fees, frequency of reports, estimated costs, etc., so that no significant issues are left unknown. While a written contract is not required by law, the lack of such an instrument can prove detrimental for both the PI and the client if problems later arise. Once the private investigator has completed the agreed upon work, the client is required to pay the PI, or as otherwise agreed, before the PI is required to provide a case report to the client. The case report may be written or verbal.


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