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In an increasingly technological world, it has become more important and more difficult to keep your personal information safe. Part of keeping your information safe involves knowing who has been accessing your personal electronic devices and determining if information has been viewed or copied. Beach Investigations utilizes only licensed professional investigators who are vetted experts in the field of computer forensics here in Hampton Roads. These professionals can retrieve and analyze data from electronic storage devices, like desktop and laptop computers, network servers, external storage drives, flash drives, digital cameras, smart phones. All data retrieval methods used by our associates are compliant with all federal and state laws. Any data recovered will be available to use as evidence in court.


Unfortunately, there are times when someone is accused of a criminal or civil action when in fact they are the victim of a false accusation or worse, being set up by a former employee, spouse, etc. Beach Investigations has encountered cases where a client’s computer was accessed by an unauthorized user and content was viewed, or placed on that device, in violation of the law. The client is often reported, charged, and left a victim of the system and the communities they live in, fraudulently.


Beach Investigations utilizes computer forensics experts to secure information to prove our client’s innocence and where possible, redirect local authorities to the person or persons who are actually responsible. Beach Investigation only utilizes licensed professional investigators that possess not only the technical expertise and experience to assist our clients, but also the experience and credibility in testifying their findings in court.

In addition to recovering emails, instant messages, and text messages, Beach Investigations’s list of licensed professionals also offers virus and spyware detection and removal, pornography detection, email tracing, computer and network intrusion detection and prevention, internet history evaluation, and hidden files detection. Contact Beach Investigations today to ensure that your data and digital devices are safe.


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In today’s technological world, computer forensics is key to winning your court case.

Beach Investigations computer forensics experts secure information with the most current forensics technology.

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