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When someone you know has gone missing, the resources available to assist you in locating that individual are very limited. Most people rely on the local or state agencies that are overburdened and understaffed to take their case and hope it receives priority. Tragically, this is common.


Beach Investigations are experienced in missing persons cases and will work tirelessly to ensure that your case receives the time and attention that it deserves. As licensed investigators, we are not limited to the same restrictions that often hinder police agencies and prevent them from being successful in their investigations.


Our team of professional investigators are able to utilize surveillance, disguises, and other methods of evidence retrieval that, while legal, are typically outside the scope or ability of police agencies. When the police agencies are unable to assist someone with locating a missing person, they will often times recommend the use of licensed professional investigators. Beach Investigations has received many of these types of cases and has been successful when other avenues have failed. We often find people who cannot be found.


Locating missing persons requires information gathering, and the Professional Investigators at Beach Investigations are dedicated in their efforts to locate your loved one and discovering the truth. There are many different categories of missing persons. Some people may be absent against their will, others may simply have chosen to go missing. Beach Investigations specializes in locating a missing person who does not want to be found. Our testimonials speak for themselves.


While not all cases can end happily, our team of Professional Investigators will work tirelessly to reunite your loved ones. Beach Investigations can often locate a missing person in as little as one day and provide documented proof of their whereabouts and safety.


Depending on the circumstances of each case and in accordance with State law, upon location of an individual, Beach Investigations will notify that person and provide them with our client’s contact information so they may reach out to reunite. In the instance where the missing person wishes to remain unavailable, we will respect that request and provide our client only with the information that they have been found and are safe.


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When someone you know has gone missing, the resources available to assist you in locating that individual are very limited. We have the knowledge and resources to find missing persons.

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